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Drysuit for rescue  A

This model is based on one, which invented by French rescuers and tested by them in the training of rescue operations in caves in the flooded areas. This model is created especially for victims, who need to be transported due to a siphon. For today Speleo wetsuit was used in demonstrative rescue operation from under the water in autumn 2014 in Moscow and in training seminar under the direction of French rescuers in summer 2015 in caves of Kutuk Track, Republic Boshkortostan, Russia. This model has received the full approval of French colleagues in its operating charecteristics. The main advantage is its full opening and accessibility to any part of the body of the victim. In expanded form it looks like a baby’s loose jacket. It is closed in a waterproof cocoon by hydrozipper, located around the bottom perimeter. It has rings to provide changing the silicone cuff. Folded and packed: 50 * 30 * 30cm.

mass: 5 kg
material: bilateral rubberized nylon
anatomical elements: knees, feet, butt, back
obturation: two hand-silicone cuff and silicone neck cuff, and sealed zipper over the entire length
size: 190 sm (50-30*30 sm)
price: 1000 euro (the price includes shipping)