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Drysuit for rescue B

Another interesting model of a diving suit for rescue operations. It has no sleeves and pants. It has the shape of a square and the tube in the middle. People can lie in any position on a stretcher. Drysuit is not expensive because there is no cuff ( obturation) on hands. It has a valve on the shoulder. This drysuit is very light and compact. It has a weight of 3000 grams and it requires very little space in your baggage. This drysuit is versatileIt has a large size and it is comfortable for large people with different injuries.We have tested this wetsuit in the rescue training in open water.

Now this drysuit is by the rescuers in the southern Urals.

mass: 3 kg
material: bilateral rubberized nylon
obturation: silicone neck cuff
size: 190×210 sm
price:under the individual order