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One of our most popular drysuits is the “Water” model. It ranks second in terms of frequency of orders. The most successful model for diving in caves or open reservoirs. Most often the model “Water” is ordered by speleodivers and divers, who want to keep warm under water. The suit is glued from a very dense rubberized fabric and can withstand high water pressure and can withstand good friction. This version of wetsuit was created at the request of speleodivers. To be able to wear shoes on top of the suit, the legs are made of softer material, as well as for the convenience of twisting, the tube is made of softer material. The suit is available in two versions – with an overestimated tube (around the chest) or with an understated tube (from the chest to the thighs).

Scope of application. Dry-type hydrosuit for use in water caves or caves with long rivers. You can also use this wetsuit in artificial watered mines and when working with metal structures under water.

mass: 2-2,3 kg
material: bilateral rubberized nylon
anatomical elements: knees, feet, butt, back
obturation: two hand-latex cuff and latex neck cuff
size: individual measurements, unisex
price: 265 € (the price includes shipping)
Full package is drysuit, a piece of material, the bag and rubber band.