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Our most popular drysuit is “Serge” model. The lightest suit ever known for working deep underground. It weighs 1-1.5 kilograms. If you travel far and deep underground, then this wetsuit is your option.
Scope of application. This model is a drysuit for use in caves, siphons and springs. The drysuit is designed for active movement and work in a cave or underwater. The anatomical cut of the model makes it possible to take a wide variety of poses for movement in meanders.
The main advantage of the model “Serge” – lightness and compactness. In folded and packed form: 30*15*15 cm.

mass: 1-1,2 kg
material: bilateral rubberized nylon
anatomical elements: knees, feet, butt, back
obturation: two hand-latex cuff and latex neck cuff
size: individual measurements, unisex
price: 255 € (the price includes shipping)
Full package is drysuit, a piece of material, the bag and rubber band.