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Our toughest drysuit is the Triton. This model is designed for speleo divers and divers. The costume consists of many details. This creates freedom of movement. This model has the least “free space” for air. There is space on the stomach for different diving suspension systems because the twist is raised to the shoulder level. Ordinary speleologists also use a wetsuit of the model “Triton”, but less often, because it has a lot weight: 3-3.5 kg. But it’s very warm.

Scope of application. For use in caves that are completely flooded with water, to explore very cold and deep caves. It is also used as a dry wetsuit for winter underwater hunting/fishing. The fabric holds the heat well and is very durable.

mass: 2-2,5 kg
material: bilateral rubberized nylon
anatomical elements: knees, feet, butt, back
obturation: two hand-latex cuff and latex neck cuff
size: individual measurements. unisex
price: 285 € (the price includes shipping)
Full package is drysuit, a piece of material, the bag and rubber band.