Instructions - instruction drysuits process

Instructions for using the drysuit “Estavella”

The hydra is stored in a dry room at room temperature in a rolled up form.

If the hydra is not used, it must be turned and ventilated at least once a year.

The process of wearing the drysuit. First, through the tube, the legs are dressed. Then the hands.  Having put the hydra on the shoulders, the head is put on a neck cuff / hood. The tube is rolled up or folded with an accordion and tightened. The speleo-combination and rubber boots are put on top of the wetsuit.

If the neck or hand cuffs are small, they should be cut to the required size by the rings with long sharp scissors in a circle, neatly and without burrs.

After using the hydra is necessarily dried on both sides (!!) and ventilated.

Drysuits are made strictly according to individual measures. We strongly recommend that you do not give your wetsuits to other people. Physiologically, people are quite different. By putting your hydra into the hands of others, you significantly reduce its service life.