Instructions -

Instructions for using the drysuit “Estavella.”

Сostume stored at room temperature in a dry, twisted form.

If the suit is not used, at least once a year, it is necessary to expand and ventilate.

Dress costume. First, through the tube, dress up. Then hands. Next suit throws on his shoulders and put his head on the neck seal/hood. Тhe tube is folded accordion and tightened the harness. Over the suit worn сoveralls and rubber boots.

If the neck or hand seal are small, they need to cut a circle to the desired size with long, sharp scissors, carefully and without burrs. If the hand seal solid is taken marker draw a circle, not more than 5 cm in diameter, and it will cut out the hole with scissors for hands. Next, cut a circle to fit the girth of the wrist of the owner of the costume.

After use, be sure to suit dry and ventilated.

Wetsuits are made strictly on individual measures. We do not recommend you give their wetsuits in the use of other people. Physiologically, the people are quite different. Giving your costume into the wrong hands, you will significantly shorten its life.